How to look after your Game and Watch:


Inserting the batteries:

bulletMake sure you put in the batteries the right way in the battery compartment with the positive electrode atop. I've heard suggestions that if you want to store your batteries, but don't want to exhaust them to but them the wrong way round in the battery compartment, but I would disagree as it is not good for the unit.
When the batteries are exhausted, the display becomes vague and hard to look at, and the sound becomes low or be completely lost. In such a case, replace the batteries immediately as the unit might fail if batteries are left exhausted.


Time set:

bulletPush ACL switch lightly with a sharp-pointed instrument. It is very important not to push too hard and do not hold the point down. You can now set the time. Button 1 controls the hours and button 2 controls the minutes. When you have set the desired time, press the TIME button and the clock will start. Pattern moves every second. To set the time without cancelling Max. score or alarm time setting, press TIME key and, while holding it in, press and release ALARM switch. (If ACL switch is left pressed for extended period of time, battery life is shortened considerably.)

Alarm set:

bulletPush ALARM switch lightly with a sharp-pointed instrument. Again, do not push too hard or for too long. Make sure the alarm sign appears. Again Button 1 controls the hours, whereas Button 2 controls the minutes. Once the alarm is set, push the TIME key. Make sure you check AM/PM of the time.
At the alarm time the sound continues for one minute. Push the TIME key to turn off alarm sound. Note that if the alarm goes off while you are playing the alarm sign flashes, but there is no sound.
You can check the alarm time by pressing the TIME key.


  1. Do not use pencil or pin when pressing ACL or ALARM switch.
  2. As the unit is made of precise electronic components, avoid the use and storage at an extreme temperature or heavy shocks. Never open or dismantle the unit. This can result in damage.
  3. Especially at low temperatures, the response speed may slow down or the lighting may fail. As the liquid crystal is destroyed at high temperature, never leave the unit in a car which is exposed to direct sun light.
  4. As exhausted batteries will give an adverse effect to the unit, replace them without delay. (If the battery is exhausted, the display of the liquid crystal will become vague and difficult to look at.)
  5. Be careful not to press the liquid crystal display heavily. Otherwise, the display may fail.
  6. Do not put the unit in the pocket at the back of trousers. The display may be damaged when you take a seat.
  7. Wipe any dust with a soft dry cloth.
  8. Do not use volatile oils such as thinner or benzene and alcohol for wiping.
  9. The liquid crystal may be difficult to look at depending upon the angle. The best angle at which to look is as illustrated in the figure.



Multi-Screen only:

10. Avoid damaging the part in the circle.


11. Do not force screen open beyond intended limit. (This body does not open full 180.)



More to come...........................