How to Collect

Step 1

Decide what kind of collection you want to achieve: To get all games complete and Mint In Box will cost a lot of money and/or time (maybe you could sell your house?). Yes I know I managed, but luckily a lot of the expensive games I was able to find in car boot sales, but I also paid quite a lot for some games I couldn't find elsewhere. OK, I admit, I sold my house, car, dog etc. and now I live in a shoebox by the side of the motorway.

A good way to do it is just to get the games on their own. It is much easier and a lot cheaper. Make sure you get them in good working condition (not broken and all parts are there) with original battery cover and serial number. Without that I consider them pretty useless as collector items.
If that is also too expensive or difficult then concentrate on particular series like 'multi-screen' or 'gold series' for example. My suggestion is to start of with the 'Multi-Screen' series as although it is the largest, it is probably the easiest to come by and complete. It is therefore also the cheapest.

Step 2

Visit they are the largest on-line Auction site and have a very large selection of Game & Watches.
To find them type in game watch in the search criteria. Also try any variation of name and number found in the title of the Game & Watch you are looking for.
Here you get a good idea what games are going for. I have got a Value guide, but only for MIB games.

Step 3

Visit Car boot sales (Lots of them here in England), flea-markets, collector fairs etc.

Step 4

Try phoning Toy shops. You never know what they have stored and want to get rid of. You probably won't have to pay more than the original cost of the game.

Step 5

Put an ad in the local newspaper, trade-magazines saying you are willing to buy old Game & Watches.

Step 6

Last, but not least, trade with other dealers. There are many collectors out there who are more than happy to trade, including myself.