Welcome to my FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions) page. This page is more or less a summery of what already is covered on this site. Hope you find it useful. More Q&A will be added with time.


Q. When did the Game & Watch era start?

A. The first Game & Watch that was released was Ball on the 28th of April 1980


Q. When did it end?

A. For Nintendo it ended in 1985, but it authorised a company after that to produce them. The last game was Mario the Juggler and came out in 1991.


Q. Who started it?

A. Well, the company was Nintendo of course. The brainchild behind it was Gunpei Yokoi. I would suggest you read Nintendo's history. It's fascinating.


Q. How many Game & Watches are there?

A. 60 Different games (model numbers).


Q. I know there are a lot of variations of the game and different boxes. Could you explain more.

A. I would suggest going to Reviews. It will give you all the information you need.


Q. Who has the highest scores on each game?

A. Well, I don't know what the world records are, but if you go to Hi-Scores you will find some great scores.


Q. Where can I find these games?

A. www.eBay.com is probably best, but for more information go here.


Q. What about the value of these games?

A. Well, the value is only what a collector is prepared to pay at a certain given time. However mint games seem to mostly go up in value as you can see on this value guide.


Q. People talk about the 60th Game & Watch, what is it and where can I find more information?

A. Well that is the only official Game & Watch that came out as a limited edition and could only be won as a prize. See here.


Q. I've seen some Game & Watch games that don't have the Game & Watch logo. Why is that?

A. It could be bootleg copies. Most of them came from Russia. Also some companies put their own Logo there (with Nintendo's authorisation of course) to use as promotion items such as Bosch on Turtle Bridge, Candia on Popeye and Mickey Mouse and Alsthom Atlantique on Popeye. These games are quite rare and were only available in about 200 copies.


Q. So was Game & Watch a success for Nintendo?

A. Well, not as much as you would think. The problem was that many of these Game and Watches in circulation were illegal bootlegs. The first real million sellers were Donkey Kong and Popeye. Otherwise these games were relatively unsuccessful and Game and Watch was dissolved in the summer of 1985, although some appeared later on. It did however pave the way for the amazingly successful Game Boy.


Q. What is 1+1?

A. 2